Digital CC Acquires COIN.ORG for $75K via Domain Guardians

Digital CC Acquires COIN.ORG for $75K via Domain Guardians
Digital currency specialists to develop new offering on premium .ORG domain name

Brisbane, QLD, Australia (October 30, 2014) – Domain Guardians, a reputable domain name brokerage firm, today announced that they successfully brokered the sale of COIN.ORG to Digital CC Limited (trading as digitalBTC) (ASX: DCC) for US$75,000. According to, this marks the highest priced .ORG domain sale to be reported in 2014 thus far.

“Premium bitcoin-related domains, like COIN.ORG, are very much in high demand,” stated Domain Guardians Co-Founder, Jen Sale. “This domain name will empower digitalBTC to develop a unique, authoritative brand in the bitcoin space, and we look forward to tracking their success!”

COIN.ORG will serve as a one-stop-shop for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency tools, the details of which are to be released at a later date.

“We are pleased to further expand our brand in the digital currency community with the acquisition of the domain name COIN.ORG,” said Alex Karis, digitalBTC’s Managing Director and CEO. “As the adoption of digital currency continues to surge, we will continue to seek opportunities to extend our network and advance the access to digital currency applications to mainstream and institutional users.”

While the COIN.ORG site is being prepared for release, the domain will be redirected to digitalBTC’s product brand website, DIGITALX.COM, which has seen its first two product pre-enrolment campaigns commence last month. The two products released under the digitalX brand thus far are digitalX Pocket (, which promises the complete solution for handling digital currencies and digitalX Mintsy (, which is a one-stop-shop solution for cryptocurrency mining services.

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digitalBTC is an innovative digital currency solutions company specializing in the development of digital currency mining, trading and payment applications. The world’s first bitcoin-focused company to commence trading on a major stock exchange, digitalBTC is publicly traded on the ASX (ASX: DCC). For more information, please visit

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