Bitcoin Domain-Name Prices Defy Drop in Virtual Currency’s Value

Prices for addresses referencing digital currencies such as bitcoin have tripled since last year, Rob Lagsam, sales director at domain-name seller, said in an e-mail. While some sold for $5 a few years ago, brokerage Domain Guardians Pty Ltd. is now trying to sell, based on an abbreviation for bitcoin, for more than $1 million. Should

Speculators Seek to Cash In on Bitcoin Domain Name Boom

Another domain name player who wants to cash in on the surge in bitcoin interest is Australia-based broker Domain Guardians. The firm is currently touting what it thinks is the next hot bitcoin property, the domain name If it can find a buyer for the right price, it takes a commission from the sale. There

Premium Domains Owned by Major Companies

Together with a number of industry peers, we compiled a list of major companies that have acquired and own premium domain names in 2013. The report can be downloaded here: | Premium Domains Owned by Companies Thanks to all for your contributions and support!

Domain Guardians rock the planet with exclusive brokerage of

Domain Guardians rock the planet with exclusive brokerage of Considering there are millions of registered domain names, and this number continues to grow annually, it’s not surprising that navigating the Internet can sometimes be a challenging exercise for the general public. For this reason, premium domain names are becoming a natural fit for companies