Introducing Evergreen’s One-Word .COM Marketplace

We are very excited to launch our new one-word .COM only marketplace today! Our listings predominantly include short, popular and positive dictionary words that grow great brands. At this stage, we are an invite-only platform, but if you own a great one-word .COM domain name that you wish to list for sale with us, please

Tomorrow.com, Hook.com, Mucho.com

Issue Four of our monthly newsletter, “The One.“, just hit your inbox. One word .COM domain names for sale include: Tomorrow.com, Hook.com, Mucho.com, Antelope.com, Cybersecurity.com and many more. Check out Issue Four. Subscribe to The One. today.

Themes.com, Offshore.com, Glitter.com

Issue Three of our monthly newsletter, “The One.“, just hit your inbox. One word .COM domain names for sale include: Themes.com, Offshore.com, Glitter.com, Asteroid.com and many more. Check out Issue Three. Subscribe to The One. today.

Cybersecurity.com is for sale

Cybersecurity.com is for sale. Offers over US$5,000,000 For more info, email cybersecurity@evergreen.com or call/TEXT +1 (815) 570 9656. https://t.co/mQJgmFjSA4 is for sale / Offers over US$5M / cybersecurity@evergreen.com#cybersecurity #cyberattacks #infosec #IoT #hacker #domains #domainnames @evergreendotcom pic.twitter.com/xZT0XRJGXf — Evergreen (@evergreendotcom) February 21, 2019

Magical.com, Cybersecurity.com, Exclusive.com

Issue Two of our monthly newsletter, “The One.“, just hit your inbox. One word .COM domain names for sale include: Magical.com, Cybersecurity.com, Documentation.com, Exclusive.com, Delight.com and many more. Check out Issue Two. Subscribe to The One. today.

Documentation.com is for sale

Documentation.com* is for sale. US$100,000 * Includes Documentation.com, Documentation.org and Documentation.biz domain names. For more info, email documentation@evergreen.com or call/TEXT +1 (815) 570 9656. https://t.co/KWoS8WgeRo (+ .org & .biz) is for sale. US$100,000 ? documentation@evergreen.com#documentation #documents #techwriting #techwriter #writing #domains #domainnames@madcapsoftware @fixya @USIBD @InnovatiaInc @smashdocs @bulletproofdocs @TechTav pic.twitter.com/qroybPUHrE — Evergreen (@evergreendotcom) December 6, 2018

The One. Newsletter

We are happy to announce the launch of our newsletter – The One. As the name suggests, we will be focusing on ‘one’ word domain names, including new listings, sales, analytics, case studies, news and much more. Our goal is to share something different, interesting and beneficial to our readers. We have chosen a monthly

GDPR and Domain Names with Frank Michlick, Registrar Consultant of DomainCocoon

Today we spoke with Frank Michlick, Registrar Consultant of DomainCocoon, to better understand the basics regarding the GDPR and how it will affect domain names. What is the GDPR? The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a new privacy regulation in the European Union. It was introduced to improve privacy protection for people living in all

DNW (Domain Name Wire) Podcast feat. Jen Sale of Evergreen

“This week on the DNW podcast we talk with Jen Sale, a long-time fixture in the domain name industry who now runs the domain name brokerage Evergreen. We talk about how the domain industry has evolved over the past two decades and what Jen is seeing in the domain market in 2018. Also, in a

Women For the Win! by Ron Jackson, DNJournal.com feat. our Co-Founder, Jen Sale

“Over the past 15 years I’ve watched the domain business go through changes that have transformed it from a cottage industry into the multi-billion dollar global enterprise it is today. There was the introduction of the first new gTLDS (think .info and .biz), the birth of domain conferences that allowed us to meet face to